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With increasing security initiatives and U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) requirements many organizations are facing challenges in accurate and timely filing of ISF 10+2.
GTKonnect ISF 10+2 simplifies ISF filing with U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) by letting users enter data manually and collaboration of data from various parties involved in the transaction with automated exceptions thus empowering your organization to attain 100% compliant and timely filing.


Easy and reliable to use
GTKonnect provided us a solution that fitted perfectly in our business environment and processes. GTKonnect ISF 10+2 solution gives us exactly what we need to meet with the new CBP regulation in addition to being easy and reliable to use.

Ivan Rosario,
Systems Manager, Stemcor


  • GTKonnect Masters Module (URL) supports the creation of the master data. Once created the master data can be used repeatedly across various ISF files.
  • Manufacturers, Selling party, Consolidator, Stuffing location can all be created from the same screen through a single data entry, if the same entity is all of the parties.
  • Importer, Consignee, Buying party and Ship To Party can all be created from the same screen through a single data entry, if the same entity is all of the parties.
  • HTS and country of Origin data is stored for reference and validation.
  • GTKonnect Parts module (URL) provides the ability to maintain the company’s product database along with all the attributes.
  • HTS and Country of Origin can be maintained at the part level and can be automatically populated to ISF transactions by entering the part number
  • GTKonnect 10+2 supports creation of templates for your different supply chains.
  • Templates can be used to create new ISF entries with about 80% of data which is repetitive.
  • Users have to only enter the missing data elements and results in 80% time saving on ISF entry creation.
  • GTKonnect 10+2 can support complete or partial automation through electronic data loads, using the GTKonnect Integration Module (URL).
  • 8 of the 10 data required elements can be completed with just 3 mouse clicks