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Partner Relationship Management

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It is becoming increasingly cumbersome to manage the communication process, collect information, conduct audits and compile responses for analysis with many internal and external partners. GTKonnect PRM manages complete details and specific information to overcome the complex supply chain communication. Gone are the days when you have to search for e-mails in various in-boxes to find what your supplier told when you needed specific information.


GTKonnect provided us a solution that fitted perfectly in our business environment and processes. GTKonnect ISF 10+2 solution gives us exactly what we need to meet with the new CBP regulation in addition to being easy and reliable to use.

Ivan Rosario,
Systems Manager, Stemcor


  • Users can create various request types to solicit various information from supply chain partners
  • Information solicited can range from General company details, Part level details, Trade Program details etc.
  • Trade Partners can also use GTKonnect PRM to request information from the company
  • GTKonnect PRM allows users to configure follow-up parameters and track responses back for each request type
  • Different users groups can be tasked with the follow-up of various requests and responses.
  • Ability to define Structure and content of information requests using a user-defined Request Type.
  • Support for a variety of content such as Questions, information from GTKonnect application and Text Content within a Request type
  • Ability to print and email information requests in Word/Excel from within the GTKonnect PRM application
  • Ability to accept / enter responses to Solicitation requests online using the GTKonnect PRM module or using Data upload in predefined format.