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". so excited to see them back in action. We are still using the ABI software developed by the GTKonnect team and we have always had the best experience working their team. … were evaluating various applications until we spoke to GTKonnect. But our search ended as soon as we saw their application.
… It was a no brainer. With knowledgeable resources, user friendly product and their commitment to customer service GTKonnect offered the best value for our money. We have been using the system for over 2 months now and are so happy about our decision to partner with GTKonnect. …with a well designed system we can now let our trading partners (importers and carriers) access their data securely through the web "

Frank Gomez
CEO of World Exchange

Our ISF system was up and running in no time and we were ready to file our ISF entries within a few hours..

 … were worried as we had tested a few other systems in the last couple of months and none of them were good. The GTKonnect system is so user friendly and we have already filed a few hundred test ISF entries with customs in a couple of weeks and have received error free responses for all.

 … Every time I had a question we had someone to talk to at GTKonnect who was very with the ISF requirements and the system and received immediate help.

a senior imports manager

CA Most solution providers out there offer a hosted system with per transaction pricing.

 ..Our company does not like our data to be external to our firewalls and we have strict IT policies when it comes to system implementation

 ….and transaction based pricing was too complicated considering our large entry volume

 …GTKonnect offered a solution to both our concerns, a system that can be deployed internal to our firewalls at a fixed annual cost

 … we are using the imports system developed by GTKonnect for over 18 years and we were so happy to see them back with the ISF system

IT manager

“ 10+2 solution gives us exactly what we need to meet with the new CBP regulation in addition to being easy and reliable to use”

“With our significant import volume and limited resources, the amount of work required to comply with the ISF requirement would have been unmanageable without an efficient system. So we were looking for a solution that would automate the ISF filing process with limited oversight. We also needed a system that wouldalert us in case of issues and not require us to review and approve each transaction individually. With GTKonnect, we got the perfect fit for our needs.

“the best part of all this is when we have an issue, we can talk to someone at GTKonnect immediately irrespective of the time of the day and we get to work with knowledgeable and well qualified resources who can address our issues almost instantaneously. Excellent customer service”

“With GTKonnect’s ISF, we have not only automated but are completely managing by exception”

Ralph Garcia
, Mgr. Mitsubishi Motor North America

… GTKonnect was highly recommended to us by one of their customers and we decided to evaluate their product. This was the best product in the market and we were pleasantly surprised by their aggressive prices and their willingness to work with us.

 … Very professional in their approach and we look forward for the system implementation in the next few weeks after we get our customs profile established.

Manager, BP Industries in Ontario, CA

…so easy to use and is very cost effective

…I would recommend GTKonnect in a heartbeat Please contact us if you would like to talk to our customers to hear their experiences working with us

Jack Kilmartin
Owner of Terranova Trade Services, SFO, CA

“Easy and reliable to use”

Ivan Rosario,
Systems Manager, Stemcor

“ GTKonnect provided us a solution that fitted perfectly in our business environment and processes.”